• B2B Sales of Conventional / Pesticide free/ Organic Spices & other products

    SEED Agritech has a well managed B2B marketing relationship team for addressing the diversified customer needs as well as the country wise regulatory requirements across the globe. The broad categories under its portfolio include Conventional, Pesticide residue free / Organic spices and other related food products.
  • Trading & Retailing of Spices and related products.

    SEED Agritech is a one stop shop for trading as well as retailing requirements of Organic spices, with special focus on Black/Green/white Pepper, Turmeric, Dry Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon, Cumin & Fennel. We can provide end to end solutions to specific biz models ranging between bulk handling trading operations to highly fragmented retail segment.
  • Sourcing/Procurement consultant

    We have the technical expertise to provide consultancy services against your outsourcing needs in raw material sourcing and procurement. SEED Agritech can partner with businesses to function as an extended arm in facilitating sourcing of food and related products including niche segments like ethically sourced organic products directly from growers and processors.
  • Brokering services

    We provide end to end brokering services for producers, distributors, and retailers of fresh and organic food products. With our vast and varied network in the global food segment, whether you are a farmer bringing produce to the terminal market, or a speciality restaurant chain sourcing fresh ingredients, we can put you in touch with the right people.
  • 3P operations

    We can partner with businesses for 3P operations which give complete traceability in sourcing of organic / screened products coupled with food safe methods in post harvest handling and pre-processing operations. We believe that this is essential to preserve the integrity and vital qualities of the product at all stages of supply chain.
  • Distributor of Bio Pesticides/Fertilizers & farming equipment

    As part of our passion and involvement in promoting environment friendly agriculture, we have taken up distribution of authentic bio-pesticides /fertilizers and farming equipment to provide support and easy access to farmers and organizations. Our aim is to highlight the benefits and clear the misconceptions prevailing in the usage of bio-fertilizers/pesticides in terms of cost and effectiveness among the farming fraternity.

Please contact us at or for trade enquiries and market reports on various spices.

Engaged in farming, processing and trading of organic/pesticide free & conventional spices
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